Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is a Bandog?

Q1. What is a bandog?

Ancient GR: A1. A multi generation (strategically) Mixed bred dog for the purpose of realistic protection against humans.

DanUK: Agreed, emphasis being on multi-generational blend/mix that has been evolved into a line, often encompassing 2-3 sub-strains of said line (notably if the breeder works alone or in a small group).

In addition, the historical context of a large (c.100IBs +/-), big game catch-dog should persist into the present function in terms of the structure, design and approach of the dog to engaging/apprehending hostiles. The catch function may still be present or actively employed in the modern context also.

In context of temperament, a Bandogge is a means of recapturing the British Temperament working mastiff, as opposed to the German Temperament. To this end, the dog forfeits a degree of ultimate trainability (e.g. precision in OB, more handler sensitive etc.) in exchange for a more affable nature that is not dominated by rank drive/aggression (as per good working German dogs, e.g. Rotti), has a (relatively) high stimulus threshold but which nevertheless, does not forfeit man-gameness to produce a dog that naturally engages clear threats with pronounced defence and fight drive that increase exponentially in direct response to the threat presented until such time as it is no longer present. It also results in a dog that works silently, specifically in the night time and as such is not pre-disposed toward threat display as would be encouraged in context of modern policing / military work. It could almost be encapsulated by saying that the Bandogge is the dog a Police officer would leave at home to guard the family whilst going on patrol with a herding/droving breed.

Katrina Hartwell AU: A purpose bred mastiff bull breed mix.

Clinton Cilliers ZA: A Bandog is a functional mastiff that should be able to do most things you require it to do. If you need a dog that can do most disciplines, it will probably only do it to an average level at best.

MaTi US: A modern version of an "Old-Country" mastiff that has been recreated in the sense of a functional and natural guard dog.

Aaron Davis US: I was reading everyone’s answers and had some thoughts:

When it comes to what a Bandog is, look at the "pure bred" "rare breeds". These are all bandog's that have a purebred label put to them.

Cane Corso
Presa/Dogo Canario
Spanish Alano
Ca Dae Bou.

Not that these breeds haven't come under criticism, from time to time, but the term bandog has become a catch all phrase that encompasses more Mastiff blend/types of dogs than most people typically consider.

The corso is the perfect example of it, with so many other types of dogs mixed into it, there are few "rustic type" dogs left. I personally don't see pure blood in those dogs either. The farmers crossed what they needed the utility dogs to perform.

A Chained dog which at night was released to protect the estate is the main function of this type of dog. A fearless dog, that would put its life on the line to protect property and family, was the function of the day.